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As Fast As Words Could Fly

Book Summary: Fourteen-year-old Mason Steele takes pride in turning his Pa's excited ramblings about the latest civil rights incidents into handwritten business letters. One day, Pa brings Mason a gift from his civil rights group:  an old manual typewriter that Mason cherishes.

When the civil rights group wins a school desegregation case, Mason discovers that he will attend a formerly all-white high school. Facing his fears and adversity from students and faculty, Mason excels in school -- particularly in typing. Mason bravely takes a stand at the county typing tournament, using his typing talent to break racial barriers.

This story is based on the life of Pamela's father, Moses Teel, Jr.

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Moses Teel Jr. around the same age as Mason in

 As Fast As Words Could Fly

Want to find out the "truths" behind the character, Mason?

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(A voice from the Civil Rights Movement)