Book Pamela 
I hope my books offer inspiration. They often reflect life experiences, thus being written from the heart. Each reader is invited to take a journey into the lives of my characters and witness the struggles they face within their own communities. But more importantly, I hope each reader is encouraged to embrace diversity and have the courage to make a difference.

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Mother of Many

Award-winning picture book

Published June 2019

Illustrated by award-winning illustrator, Tiffani J. Smith

Sheldon, the Mushroom

Published March 2022

Illustrated by award-winning illustrator,

Tiffani J. Smith

As Fast As Words Could Fly

Award-winning picture book

Published June 2010

Illustrated by award-winning illustrator, 

Eric Velasquez

Color Struck

Award-winning YA novel

Published June 2010

"I wish I could've read Color Struck by a fireplace because you escape right into the book when "listening" to Grandma Bell tell her story. This was one of the most emotionally-charged books I've read."
(Urban Reviews)

"The Tucks have brought a story of healing and forgiving. I recommend this book for young adults. They will get to learn a little of how African Americans struggled within their own community. And see how far we have come and hopefully not repeat the same mistakes."
(APOOO BookClub)